As you have noticed, the modules have been organized according to proficiency levels. However, we have maintained in our organization of the material the three main levels (Novice-Intermediate-Advanced) and have chosen not to divide them into sublevels (i.e Intermediate-Low, Intermediate-Mid, Intermediate-High), for now. We rely on the instructor’s discretion and expertise in choosing which module is suitable for the learner in terms of linguistic proficiency and personal maturity.


Some of you may be asking why the vocabulary section, is not placed at the head of the tabs for each module. Khallina has been designed to cater to all learners of Arabic as a foreign language, regardless of which textbook is being used within the classroom and where this is being used in the world. We did not have a specific set of vocabulary in mind that the students are expected to have mastered when developing each of the cultural modules. We do expect, however, that learners know the language skills associated with each particular proficiency level. The vocabulary presented under each cultural module is directly derived from the material available in each module and not vice versa, and which we believe is in tune with recent developments in language learning pedagogy.

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