Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy, the art of giving form to writing in a skillful and expressive manner, is one of the most venerated forms of Islamic Arts and a widespread artform in Arab culture.



Beloved throughout the Arab world, soccer is enjoyed in many Middle Eastern countries both as a spectator sport and as a recreational activity throughout all segments of society.


Comix and Graphic Novels

Arabic adult comic strips have been around at least since the 1970’s, if not earlier, and have represented an array of interests, topics and styles. The last decade, especially post the 2011 Arab spring/revolutions, has seen a surge in the production of Arabic comix and graphic novels. These comix and graphic novels are discussing interesting and important social and political issues, using exciting visual aesthetics.



A staple food in the Arab world, bread has not only been eaten for millennia, but has also served as a powerful cultural symbol, inspired songs and poetry, and started revolutions. Let’s learn more about what bread means in the Arab world today!


Tea Culture

No matter where you go in the Arab world, you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re invited to sit down for a hot cup of tea. But tea is more than just a drink! In this module we’ll explore the social significance of tea culture and its various manifestations in different Arabic-speaking countries.

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