Free Verse Poetry


The Free Verse Movement الشِعر الحُر is a poetry movement that began after the World War II and changed Arabic poetry in structure and content. Free verse poems were favored over the traditional rhyming two-side verses and issues of social struggles such as identity, justice, and self search replaced classic themes on love, pride, and lampoon. Iraq, the land of Gilgamesh (2100BC), Enheduanna (2285 BC), Zyriab (789AD), and Al-Mutanabbi (915AD) is credited for the birth of الشِعر الحُر


  • Explore the beginnings of الشِعر الحُر in Iraq
  • Learn about the life and work of some Iraqi pioneer شِعر حُر poets
  • Discover the language, structure, and social contexts of الشِعر الحُر
  • Develop an aesthetic sense of the language through reading poetry
  • Write your own sample of الشِعر الحُر
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