The kufiyyeh is a cotton headdress originally worn by Arabs in different countries to protect them from the sand and direct sun exposure.



Tabbouleh’s popularity as ethnic food was brought by the spread of Middle Eastern cuisines and the discovery of the Mediterranean diet’s health benefits.


Women Empowerment

Women’s rights and female empowerment are global issues.  In the Arab world, activists engage in this international struggle by working at the local and national levels to improve the place of women in Arab societies.

AcrossBorders copy

Across Borders

In this module, we investigate transnational social issues in the Arab World through literature and graphic art. These issues include: refugees and refugee camps, fleeing violence, immigration, cultural challenges for immigrants, studying abroad, and making choices about where and how to live one’s life.



The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Arab World in many different ways, just as it happened in other parts of the world. Humor, art, and governmental awareness campaigns flourished during Spring 2020 in a joint effort to stop the spread of the virus and also to infuse society with thought provoking reflections on the effects of this pandemic.


Poems from Iraq

Poetry is commonly known as Register of the Arabs (Diwan al-Arab), strongly due to the role it plays in Arab’s history and heritage. Continuing this legacy to modern time is الشّعِر الحُرّ which emerged after World War II, agreeably in Iraq. A company of poets wrote in free sequence, simple language, and sharp tone to shed light on relevant political and social realities.

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