Moroccan Handcrafts


For centuries traditional Moroccan crafts have been part and parcel of the cultural, and  the socio-economic fabric of Moroccan society. Covering a vast array of materials (ceramics, wood, woven fabrics, pottery, silver, copper and leather), they account for 27.5% of the GDP, with an estimated 3.5 million Moroccans working in the industry. The Moroccan government in the last couple of decades has embarked on trying to ensure that these rich historical artistic and spiritual traditions and skills do not die out.


  • Explore the richness and diversity of traditional Moroccan crafts.
  • Find out what goes into producing one of the traditional Moroccan handcrafts.
  • Meet some of the people who produce these crafts and the difficulties they face.
  • Design a marketing strategy and campaign that will allow Moroccan crafts to have better visibility worldwide, more exports and ensure quality control.
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