I built my fourth-year Arabic class around Khallina.  We started the semester with the Bassem Youssef and Mashrou’ Laila units and the way that those units are structured around authentic and relevant texts — and accompanied by thoughtful exercises — gave my students a new kind of confidence, a confidence that carried them through the semester and beyond.

Christopher Stone
Associate Professor of Arabic & Head of the Arabic Program (Hunter College -CUNY)

Khallina is unique in that it teaches language through culture. The engaging cultural material made it easy and enjoyable for me to grasp the linguistic content. Being more culturally aware also made me feel more confident conversing with native speakers. Studying vocabulary was always my favourite because the flashcards feature both audio and visuals! I would highly recommend this site!

Fatima Tariq
Class of 2019 (Hunter College, CUNY)

What I find useful is simply the fact that these are ready-made organized modules that I can just plop into my lesson plan. They save me a ton of time, while at the same time providing useful information and entertainment for my learners. I particularly like the richness and the high quality of the visual materials and the vocab exercises—these are a really useful element. I also love that the materials are free and easily accessible—I can just have my students work on them at home without the added burden of creating and following accounts, etc.

Gergana Atanassova
Lecturer of Arabic (Ohio State University, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Using Khallina made learning Arabic more engaging and relevant than ever to us as students. Modules open up conversations on politics, society, and culture that keep class discussions interesting both linguistically and intellectually. The video and reading material that Khallina provides also introduces a wide range of new and relevant vocabulary that enrich class conversations while simultaneously improving students’ language skills. Learning from Khallina modules feels like an inquiry into social and cultural topics rather than simply a lesson on Arabic and makes the entire language learning experience much more exciting and memorable than traditional textbook approaches. In addition, it’s easily accessible both in and outside the classroom.

Hannah Kasak-Gilboff
Class of 2021 (New York University Abu Dhabi)

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