Let’s watch and read about these two cases in Lebanon and Egypt!


Let’s watch this video:

Then let’s look at Samandal’s website and read the statement in English and then scroll down further to see how they describe what happened using the comic strip (In Arabic then translated into English further down titled What happened)



  1. Find out what Samandal means. Why do you think they called the comic zine Samandal?
  2. Why was a lawsuit filed against Samandal?
  3. What was the result of this lawsuit?
  4. How does the Samandal team express what happened to them in the video?



Let’s watch this video:


Then let’s read this article about Magdy El Shafee, the creator of the graphic novel Metro:




  1. What is Metro about?
  2. Why was Magdy El Shafee arrested?
  3. What was the result of the lawsuit filed against Magdy El Shafee and his publisher?


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