Khallina is an open source tool that helps teachers and independent learners of Arabic explore Arab culture. This website contains Cultural Modules suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners, on a variety of subject matters including: music, food, politics, humor, gender issues, and much more.

Each module is divided into steps to help navigate the cultural content, and uses open source audiovisuals, pictures, and reading materials. Cultural Modules are also supplemented with a variety of activities for the learner to do inside and outside the classroom, or independently.

Examples of teaching materials
khallina 13
khallina 12
khallina 1
  • Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Arab Wor...

  • Introduction The Free Verse Movement الشِعر الحُر...

  • Introduction No matter where you go in the Arab world, you s...

  • Introduction A staple food in the Arab world, bread has not ...

  • Introduction Reading tendencies and patterns are complex and...

  • Introduction In this module, we investigate transnational so...

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